TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill.

The TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill is a Middle Range Treadmill with a Large Wide Running Deck.

If you have ever fallen off a treadmill or always worry that you might then you're like the TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill with a long 500 inch length running deck and a wide 16 inch running deck, so there's plenty of room for you to put your feet where you want to put your feet not where a narrow strip treadmill would dictate, your feel more steady and more confident knowing you have a large running area.
TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill, Middle Range Treadmill

Middle Range Treadmill.

The elderly especially prefer a treadmill with a large running track as the additional room is a comfort which actually helps improve balance.

The is a mid range treadmill, not the cheapest treadmill like those with no features that might bend if you folded them away to quickly and not a top range treadmill with advanced features that only professional athletes would want to use.

The TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill is a folding treadmill with wheels, so after you have finished jogging just push the running deck upwards into a vertical position and wheel the treadmill around your house, the transport wheels are designed to move on carpet as well as flatter wood and lino floors so its easy to move the treadmill into a empty spot like under the stairs or in the garage when not in use.

Unlike cheaper treadmills all your running statistics like speed, heart rate, time taken are displayed all the time, there's a separate digital display to see everything at once and not a scanning mode that's found on cheap and some expensive treadmills that makes you wait for the bit of information you want to see to appear again as the display cycles round.

There's an emergency stop cord on the treadmill, if you're unsure of your footing or just worried about exercising on a treadmill, simply hold the emergency cord as you walk or run and if you do fall, or feel giddy or want to stop, just yank the emergency stop cord and the treadmill will stop straight away, no worrying how to stop the treadmill or trying to reach for the right button, a perfect design for those unfamiliar with treadmills or the elderly who would like a little more security whilst they run or walk.
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