TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill with Built in Speakers for CD/MP3 Input.

The TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill with Built in Speakers for CD/MP3 Input means No More Dropping Headphones, there's a Hi Tech Display too.

Do you hate sweaty headphones as you listen to your MP3 player, iPod, iPhone down at the gym, or do your headphones keeping falling out of your ears as you jog up and down, with the TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill you won't have those problems as stereo speakers are built into the console in front of you, simply plug your iPod or other MP3 player directly into the treadmill and listen to stereo music or audio from your treadmill speakers.
TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill with Built in Speakers for CD/MP3 Input, No More Dropping Headphones

No More Dropping Headphones.

No more sweaty headphones, no more headphones falling out your ears and no need to keep pushing loose headphones back in your ears as you run or jog.

There's an advanced and high tech digital display on the TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill, a running track is displayed on the console as you run and you can see your progress round that running track as you run on the treadmill, it's great for motivation as you actually see your position and how far you have run already and how far you have to go.

There's 40 different exercise programmes included built into the treadmill, simply choose your goal from marathon running, lose weight, cardio control and many more, each exercise [program has been designed by a professional athlete to control the speed and effort required as you use the treadmill, there are programs to strengthen your heart, increase your stamina and much more, you can also make custom changes to these programs and save these changes so next time you use the treadmill you don't have anything to setup or any buttons to push, you can have up to 3 user definable programs, so you can either use all 3 programs yourself or give one program to each member of the family.
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