Walker and Simpson 6ft Royale Pool Table with Ball Return.

Walker and Simpson 6ft Royale Pool Table with Ball Return the Modern Home Pool Table with Folding Legs.

This is a modern pool table for home use it has a 6ft long table with blue coloured felt and blue felt cushions the pool table has ball return so you don't have to retrieve the pool balls from their individual pockets when you pot a ball they will be delivered to the ball return park at the side of the table making it easier for you to get the balls out and rack them for the next game and giving you a more professional table.
Walker and Simpson 6ft Royale Pool Table with Ball Return, Modern Home Pool Table.

Modern Home Pool Table, Folding Legs.

This pool table has folding legs, the legs fold up underneath the table so you can easily store the table under a bed or sofa the table sides are pale coloured wood effect and the metal black coloured legs are strong and provide stability so you can lean across the table without fearing that your weight will be too much for the table.

With the pool table you get everything you need to have a game of pool you get two 48 inch pool cues, one set of pool balls, one pool triangle, one pool table brush cloth and two pieces of pool cue chalk to keep the blue felt of the pool table clean and free from dirt.

The feet of the table are height adjustable so you can make the table sit flat even on an unlevel floor or simply higher or lower the table to a more comfortable height for a youngster.

This is a thoroughly modern table for those who want a professional style table at home but don't want an over ornate and very expensive pool table, with legs that fold in on itself under the table you can easily slide the pool table under a bed so its highly practical for today's modern home.

There's one years warranty and free delivery on this 6ft home pool table.
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