Walker and Simpson 7ft Gamesmaster 3 in 1 Deluxe Table.

Walker and Simpson 7ft Gamesmaster 3 in 1 Deluxe Table with Pool Table, Hockey Table and Table Tennis Table with Height Adjustable Wooden Legs.

This large seven foot table has different tops that you can change to play different games and when you want to play a different game just slot the table top in place, all the table tops sit on the pool table so the pool table is always even and totally level as it does not have all the other table tops underneath it and then you just put the table top over the pool table to play hockey or table tennis.
Walker and Simpson 7ft Gamesmaster 3 in 1 Deluxe Table, Pool Table, Hockey Table, Table Tennis Table.

Pool Table, Hockey Table, Table Tennis Table, Height Adjustable Wooden Legs.

Its not only the table that you get but you also get the accessories to go with it so you have everything you need to start playing you get a set of pool balls and two pool cues as well as a pool triangle a pool table brush and for the table tennis table you get two table tennis bats and two balls whilst for the hockey table you get two pushers and two pucks.

The table is a beautiful looking black wooden table that is just as much a piece of beautiful furniture as it is a games table the table tennis board even includes a table tennis net across the table so game play on all the games is authentic.

There's 6 pockets on the pool table and the pool table felt is red in colour with red felt cushions whilst the pool cues are full size pool cues in two parts so you can unscrew them and store them easily, the cues are two tone light and dark wood colour whilst the pool chalks will make your game realistic.

The legs on the table are height adjustable so you can raise or lower the table depending on whether it is for use by small children or slightly taller children or adults and because each leg is independently adjustable you can make the table level no matter how 'out of true' your floor is.
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