Walker and Simpson Archer 5ft Foldable Pool Table.

Walker and Simpson Archer 5ft Foldable Pool Table the Folding Pool Table with Beautiful Dark Wood Finish and Professional Grade Felt.

This is the most beautiful pool table you can have at home it's 5 foot in length but the table is a folding design turning the pool table into a vertical position so you can store the folded table against a wall out of the way when not in use the pool table has a dark wood finish and professional grade felt with felt cushions and six ball pockets the pool table comes with pool cues, pool balls, pool triangle and pool cue chalk.
Walker and Simpson Archer 5ft Foldable Pool Table, Folding Pool Table.

Folding Pool Table, Beautiful Dark Wood Finish, Professional Grade Felt.

The pool table is easy to rotate into its storage position just pull out the anchor pins and rotate the table then when you want to use the table again just rotate the pool table back into its horizontal position its perfect for homes that don't have a great deal of room but want the largest table they can manage and because this table folds every home can now manage a 5ft pool table.

You get two beautiful two tone dark and light wood pool cues and even a pool table brush to keep the green felt looking nice and free from dirt.

The table legs are large and solid providing great stability so you can lean across the table without worrying that your weight might be too much for the table.

Get the beauty of a the Archer pool table in your own home, a table that won't look out of place with all your other furniture but instead will be the talking point and centre of attention.

Walter and Simpson make home pool tables as well as professional club standard pool tables so your getting the very best home pool table that retains all of the elegant and beautiful fittings you would find on a professional club standard table plus you get one years warranty and free delivery.
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