Walker and Simpson Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table.

Walker and Simpson Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table the Pool Table and Table Tennis Table with Two Different Table Tops.

This combination table features a pool table with a removable cover that turns the pool table top into a table tennis table complete with table tennis net running down the middle of the table, all you do to change the game from pool to table tennis is click on the table tennis cover and to play pool again just remove the table tennis cover.
Walker and Simpson Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table, Pool Table and Table Tennis Table.

Pool Table and Table Tennis Table, Two Different Table Tops.

The pool table features a green felt table with green felt side cushions and six pockets in the table, the table is supplied with all the accessories you need to play both games you get two pool cues with one set of pool balls and one pool triangle plus a pool table brush and two pieces of chalk for the pool cues and for the table tennis table you get two table tennis paddles and two table tennis balls plus a table tennis post and table tennis net set.

The table is made from wood that's black in colour looking like a very elegant piece of furniture as well as a great games table, the pool cues supplied are two part pool cues that unscrew so they are smaller to store and easier to carry, the pool cues are two tone light wood and dark wood and look very elegant on the pool table felt.

The pool table cloth is professional grade and with a 7 foot pool table there's plenty of room for your game on this very elegant of tables.

With both a pool table and a table tennis table your be pleasing everyone in the family as these are two of the most popular home games to play on a games table and with free delivery and a one year guarantee your be glad you bought Walker and Simpson.
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