Walker and Simpson Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table.

Walker and Simpson Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table with Two Tables In One and Two Different Table Tops.

This 7 foot pool table has a cover which fits over the pool felt and turns the pool table into a table tennis table complete with table tennis post and table tennis net and two table tennis paddles and balls.
Walker and Simpson Pool and Table Tennis Combo Table, Two Tables In One.

Two Tables In One, Two Different Table Tops.

The pool table comes with two pool cues and one set of pool balls, one triangle and two pieces of chalk for the pool cues as well as a pool table brush to keep the pool table clean and free from dirt.

To change the pool table into a table tennis table all you do is click the table tennis table surface on top of the pool table felt this keeps the pool table covered and free from marks on the table and the cover gives you a professional table tennis table with bats and balls so you can enjoy a game of table tennis or a game or pool this makes the combination pool table and table tennis table excellent value for money as everyone in the family will be able to get use from it.

The pool table has green felt on the table and green felt on the cushions as well as six pockets and a sturdy black wood frame which ensures that you can lean over the pool table to take a shot without worrying about your weight on the table.

Whether you use this table as a pool table or as a table tennis table its not a compromise in each as its a beautiful looking table with an excellent quality felt and table tennis surface.

The table has adjustable silver feet which attach to the wooden legs and can be screwed in or out of the table highering or lowering the height of the table so you can make the pool table sit flat and true on a very uneven floor or just higher or lower the table so the children can more easily use the table.
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