WeightMaster Bench Gym.

The WeightMaster Bench Gym is a Bench Press Multi Gym which includes Lat Pulldown Bar, Butterfly Bars, Bicep Curls, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions.

If your looking for one piece of home gym equipment that can take the place of many separate pieces of exercise equipment then a bench press multi gym is ideal, you get so many different pieces of exercise all combined into the one multigym and save money as well as space in your home.
WeightMaster Bench Gym, Bench Press Multi Gym

Bench Press Multi Gym.

This is a small multigym, not the sprawling big multi gyms that need a whole room to accommodate them, you can use this multi gym in your home without it overtaking your house.

As well as a bench press with locking weight rests so you can secure the weights so they won't fall and damage your floor or injure someone, you can leave the weights secured on the bench press when you're not using the bench press.

As well as the bench press you have lat pull down bars and butterfly bars and an armrest for bicep curls, you can remove the armrest when you're not using it, there's a leg station too for leg curls and leg extensions and a seat with a back rest that's fully adjustable from flat to upright and every position in between, use the seat when using the lat pull down or butterfly bars or when using the bicep curls, and put the seat down flat when you're doing bench press work.

As well as a very practical bench press multi gym the WeightMaster Bench Gym is also very good looking with chrome silver coloured metalwork, two tone grey and black seat, bench and back rest coverings and grey safety foam on the leg rollers for added protection.

As well as having a heavily discounted price the WeightMaster Bench Gym is also delivery by courier free of charge, so there's nothing extra to pay for.
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