WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights.

The WeightMaster Bench Gym comes with 100kg of Free Weights, what that means is you don't have to buy any weights for use on the bench press portion of this multi gum, everything you need to start training is included in the price and delivery is free too so this represents an absolute bargain and really is the Multi Gym with Everything You Need.

On the bench press gym your find a lat pull down back, great for working the back and getting a lovely toned, stronger and larger more well defined back, there's also a set of butterfly bars, just like the lat pulldown bar your be sitting down on the included seat, the seat which can be positioned any way you like from completely flat to bold upright and major positions in between.
WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, Multi Gym with Everything You Need

Multi Gym with Everything You Need.

The Butterfly bars can be easily locked into position to use the multi gym as a chest press and work on those pecs, on the bench press you can position the seat and back rest to any position you like, for a bench press probably flat or up to a 45 degree angle would be best, there's locking rests on the bench press which will hold your weights in place when you not bench pressing.

You can lock the weights in place and leave them on the bench press safely as when locked they won't fall or be knocked off.

There's an armrest and pullup bar that you can attach for doing bicep curls and preacher curls and on the leg station, leg extensions and leg press too.

The leg supports are thickly padded so whether your doing a lat pull down from a seated position with your feet round the leg supports or doing a leg curl using the leg supports your find the strong foam padding prevents you getting injured and keeps you feeling comfortable whilst exercising.
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